A Bluetooth Remote Control for LEGO NXT

This simple app allows you to control any robot wirelessly using your mobile phone. Unlike the official mobile application, this should run on any MIDP 2.0 phone, provided it supports the JSR-82 Bluetooth implementation.



  1. Current sensor values are displayed on screen while you control your robot using the game keys.

  2. Basic settings allow you to easily change the way robots are controlled.

  3. No musical intros or fixed resolution settings.

Download it here


New in version 0.9.4: Improved LG compatibility!

This program has been successfully tested on the following phones:




2630, 2700 classic, 2730, 3110 classic, 3500, 3555, 5130, 5200, 5220 XpressMusic, 5300, 5310, 5610d, 6021, 6111, 6120, 6131, 6230, 6280, 6300, 6630, 6700 classic, 6708, C1-01, C2-05, E50, E52, E65, E71, N73, N78, N8, N95

Sony Ericsson:

C902i, C908, K510, W580i, W810i, W880i, W995, P1i


Forever a886, J700, T929


KM900(AT), KU990



There are more to come. I‘ll be happy to know if you have tested this app in other phones. For those that don‘t work I‘ll try to find a solution too! Drop me a line to

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